Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Solidarity! 26 Homosexuals under arrest in UAE, a strong USA ally

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) in the United Arab Emirates has denied reports appearing in the media that hormonal and psychological “treatment” will be enforced on the 26 homosexuals arrested in Abu Dhabi on the 22nd of November. The “official” source at the ministry rejected the statement by the US State Department spokesman.

"They [the arrested individuals] have not been treated with hormones or any other medicines," the spokesman said. "What has been reported in the local and international media is wholly inaccurate."

The source said any punishment or prescription of “medicines” is not the concern of the ministry. “The judiciary is the sole competent authority that can act according to the laws and constitution of the country," he said. "Only the judiciary can issue appropriate rulings as per the UAE laws. He added that the role of the ministry was to “help” the arrested individuals and its obligation ended there. With this the MoI has ended the uproar against the threat of enforcing the hormonal “treatment”. The “official” has moved the issue from a human rights violation to an interior violation of the state laws.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Some of us Wear our Passports!And some of us cannot be “naked”!

Who is an Arab?

Politically if they live in a country which is a member of the Arab League and this definition covers around 300 millions; and linguistically if Arabic is their mother tongue, then the definition covers around 200 million… I tend to follow the second. Like any other affiliation they are not geographically restricted anymore! They are everywhere!

I am an Arab, and I lived the majority of my life in Arab states. I come from a Muslim Shiite family from the southern part of Lebanon.

I am not a Muslim, and I have nothing against Islam that I do not also have against other religions. It is just that according to the definition of Muslims, that is to say people who adhere to Islam as a religion (and that is irrespective of nationality), I am not one.

I have spent some time in Western Europe hearing all kinds of remarks when I answer about where I come from. From “Really! You are an Arab!” (Visualize a dropped jaw, a hand flat on the chest, and eyes wide open), via “As an Arab, do you feel integrated in Europe?” (Here visualize eyes narrowed, focused, and starring deep to fake intellect) … to “I always wanted to fuck an Arab!” (Well here I did not stay long enough to look into the man’s eyes in fear of any violent reaction on my side)! All are statements that I have encountered, the first two were said to me in different rephrases in many places.


Monday, November 21, 2005

Homosexuals in Lebanon! New Pink Dollar Equation!

Last week, Lebanese police in civilian clothes paid a visit to Acid, a Lebanese nightclub known for its homosexual clientele. As witnesses described it, the music was lowered and people were asked for IDs. One eyewitness reported his friend was dancing on the bar when he was asked to step down for “they” wanted to talk with him outside. There, he was addressed as a "Lotti"(check below) while they took him on the police jeep awaiting outside. The night resulted in 11 arrested men who stayed in detention till Tuesday morning.

It is frequent that the police raids Acid to put pressure on the owner in the hope of blackmailing more money. Though in most cases these "visits" do not result with arrests. Rumours spread that the owner accompanied the arrestees hoping to speed their release; he ended up being detained with them.

News of the arrested men being verbally abused, threatened and one of them being slapped by the police forces have been circulated; to the silence of everyone.