Friday, September 08, 2006

Roundtable on the Borderline

compiled by Qursana!

You are welcomed to post, distribute, and print this text as much as you want as long as it is for non-commercial use and with conditional free-distribution! Please pay attention not to alter people's statements.

According to the Lebanese and Israeli governments (though more applied in Lebanon), communication between Israeli and Lebanese citizens is prohibited and in some cases punished with a court-martial. For this, this is an illegal roundtable – part of it was a defying, challenging and painful conversation that did not go smooth without tears, rage, apologies, pain, guilt, affinity, discussion, smiles, and tight embraces. This conversation is not representative of the mass majority of both populations; it is rather an anarchist worm-eye view of the latest Israeli war on Lebanon. Taking part are anarchists who had direct contact with this war on both sides of the border, their meeting was facilitated by networks of global solidarity within autonomous spaces in Europe, and also through the growing global anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian movement. A movement that is witnessing crises, but also signs of life! Anarchists who took part are Eyal and anat, holding Israeli passports; and Hazem and Imad holding Lebanese passports.