Monday, November 21, 2005

Homosexuals in Lebanon! New Pink Dollar Equation!

Last week, Lebanese police in civilian clothes paid a visit to Acid, a Lebanese nightclub known for its homosexual clientele. As witnesses described it, the music was lowered and people were asked for IDs. One eyewitness reported his friend was dancing on the bar when he was asked to step down for “they” wanted to talk with him outside. There, he was addressed as a "Lotti"(check below) while they took him on the police jeep awaiting outside. The night resulted in 11 arrested men who stayed in detention till Tuesday morning.

It is frequent that the police raids Acid to put pressure on the owner in the hope of blackmailing more money. Though in most cases these "visits" do not result with arrests. Rumours spread that the owner accompanied the arrestees hoping to speed their release; he ended up being detained with them.

News of the arrested men being verbally abused, threatened and one of them being slapped by the police forces have been circulated; to the silence of everyone.